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*Game rules*

1. Use the arrow keys to navigate the play area, eating as many red peppers as you go and avoiding the purple ones and your tail of little ducklings! 
2. Look out for the big peppers! They extend your time and shorten your tail. 
3. Don't be fooled by the walls! They are penetrable. 



Can't get enough of Mala Chase? Compete to be the best of the best. The top scorer of September will win 24 Mala Hot Hot Pot packs!
How to enter:
1. Play Mala Chase
2. Share your score on Facebook and set your post to public so we can see it. Remember to tag your post with #malachase!
3. Done! Keep playing to be the top scorer of the month.
Giveaway ends on 30th September at 2359
Prizes will be sent to a Singapore mailing address.
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